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  • Intro to High-Speed Sync
    One of the most mysterious aspects of flash photography for new flash photographers is sync speed and the related concept of high speed sync.  One of the first places you’re likely to encounter this is when you start shopping for...
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  • Budget tripod shootout, part 1

    Pro photography equipment is expensive — this shouldn’t be a news flash if you’ve shopped for gear for more than twelve seconds.  For real pros, it’s a no-brainer to buy the best equipment available.  The high-end stuff from most manufacturers tends to be remarkably reliable, durable, and it offers the best possible performance.  If you’re making a living from photography, Continue Reading...

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  • A PC for photo editing

    From time to time, I’ve seen “what kind of PC should I get” threads on various message boards, so hopefully there’s some interest in this.  I’m currently in the middle of building a replacement for my old Core 2 Quad system — pretty much from the ground up.  Here’s the shopping list, along with a couple notes about why I Continue Reading...

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  • Budget tripod shootout, part 2

    In Part 1 of this shootout, I previewed the three tripods I’m comparing and discussed some things I’ll be looking at in all three.  Part 1 also covered the Velbon CX-300 — a typical “big box” store tripod that’s better than nothing, but just barely.  As a reminder, if you’re just getting started looking at tripods, Tripod Shopping 101 might Continue Reading...

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