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2015 Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational

  (watch here for more on this event as photos are published!) I love vintage […]

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2015 Angie’s List Grand Prix

Two years ago, Indycar decided that since they had every Indycar team around basically camped […]

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USAF Dawn Patrol Vintage Cars

Imagine my surprise, having driven to Dayton to see some vintage airplanes, only to find […]

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USAF Dawn Patrol

Once every two years, a unique collection of aircraft descends on the grounds of the […]

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2014 Continental / Tudor at Road America

Years ago, Road America was the first road course (and among the first race tracks) […]

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2014 Vintage bikes at Mid Ohio

  July is a great time for vintage motorsports in Ohio with the Vintage Grand […]

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2014 Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix

One of my favorite events when I was young was the vintage event at Road […]

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2014 London Cobra Show

Each year, a quiet town just west of Columbus, OH, is overrun by scores of […]

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2014 Turn-Key Nationals

This was the first year for the London Turn-Key Nationals, held this past weekend at […]

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David is a photographer specializing in motorsport.