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  • Pixel Mago review, part 2
    Back in July, I received a Pixel Mago flash unit for testing.  Part 1 of this review covers my first impressions and initial testing, which were very positive.  Since then, I've been using this Pixel unit as my main flash,...

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  • Budget tripod shootout, part 1

    Pro photography equipment is expensive -- this shouldn't be a news flash if you've shopped for gear for more than twelve seconds.  For real pros, it's a no-brainer to buy the best equipment available.  The high-end stuff from most manufacturers tends to be remarkably reliable, durable, and it offers the best possible performance.  If you're making a living from photography, Continue Reading...

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  • Pixel Mago review, part 1

    Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a text from DHL -- I've got a new speedlite from Pixel to review!  The Pixel Mago is a really exciting new option for Canon DSLR photographers (I believe they're releasing a Nikon version, too).  As excited as I was to see Yongnuo ship a high-end speedlite with E-TTL and HSS (the Continue Reading...

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  • A PC for photo editing

    From time to time, I've seen "what kind of PC should I get" threads on various message boards, so hopefully there's some interest in this.  I'm currently in the middle of building a replacement for my old Core 2 Quad system -- pretty much from the ground up.  Here's the shopping list, along with a couple notes about why I Continue Reading...

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