Last weekend, I went for a hike and stumbled on a little historic farm in the middle of the park.  This farm had all sorts of fantastic photo opportunities, and I was excited to get home and try processing a few in black & white.  I’m not really much of an expert at B&W conversion, so I started playing with some different ways to convert some of these photos, starting with RAW conversion in PSE.  Among the first things I tried was simply turning color saturation off, which seemed to work well.
Needless to say, though, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  The saturation control is a slider, after all, so I started playing with this a bit, and found that I really liked some of these photos with saturation turned down, but not quite off. In fact, on the barrels, I turned saturation down just about all the way for Blue & Green, but left a little more Red in the photos to highlight the rusty rings.  I really like the way these turned out — they’re clearly “antique-ish” without being done in a typical style (B&W, sepia).

For more in this series, have a look through the gallery.