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Shoot a Silhouette

Silhouette photos can be a great way to handle tough lighting situations.  Whenever you’re shooting into a light source, it’s tough to expose a subject properly without blowing out the background.  You can try an HDR photo or some fill […]

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Catch some Lightning

I was lucky enough to catch some great summer storms rolling through central Ohio last week, and I snagged a couple fairly decent lightning photos.  Although it’s not as difficult as you might imagine to get photos like this, there’s definitely a […]

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Pseudo-HDR in Lightroom

In an earlier post, I showed how you could synthesize an HDR effect by applying several different exposure settings (in sequence) to a single RAW image.  Since I’ve started using Lightroom, I’ve gone back to some of my saved links […]

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Fast, or half-fast?

I’ve recently had the chance to play with the high-speed continuous shooting capabilities of my Canon 40D, and I’ve learned about a few things that affect its speed — some of which were pretty surprising to me. My experiments started […]

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HDR from a single image

Over the last couple years, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos have become pretty popular among photo processing types.  HDR photos are really nothing more complicated than a combination of images with different exposure settings.  Unlike panoramic photos, which stitch photos […]

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