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Not so very long ago

I don’t “set up” a whole lot of shots, but I spent a few minutes on this one, and I thought I’d take the time to write up the lighting setup.  The composition of the shot is pretty simple.  I wanted the fireplace to figure prominently in the shot, and the counter where the props are located […]

Adding textures in Photoshop

I’ve seen some nice examples of this technique, now, and I’ve been meaning to try this for a while.  You can see what I’m talking about here — there’s a texture added to the photo here, helping to give a little interest to a really simple subject.  In some cases, this can end up looking […]

Shoot a Silhouette

Silhouette photos can be a great way to handle tough lighting situations.  Whenever you’re shooting into a light source, it’s tough to expose a subject properly without blowing out the background.  You can try an HDR photo or some fill light, or you can just stop fighting the lighting and shoot your subject in silhlouette. […]

Catch some Lightning

I was lucky enough to catch some great summer storms rolling through central Ohio last week, and I snagged a couple fairly decent lightning photos.  Although it’s not as difficult as you might imagine to get photos like this, there’s definitely a knack to it, and I’ve gone through a lot of really bad photos before getting […]

Pseudo-HDR in Lightroom

In an earlier post, I showed how you could synthesize an HDR effect by applying several different exposure settings (in sequence) to a single RAW image.  Since I’ve started using Lightroom, I’ve gone back to some of my saved links to look for similar HDR techniques for use in Lightroom. One of these links is […]

Fast, or half-fast?

I’ve recently had the chance to play with the high-speed continuous shooting capabilities of my Canon 40D, and I’ve learned about a few things that affect its speed — some of which were pretty surprising to me. My experiments started a couple weeks ago when I shot some pictures of a trebuchet my son built […]

HDR from a single image

Over the last couple years, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos have become pretty popular among photo processing types.  HDR photos are really nothing more complicated than a combination of images with different exposure settings.  Unlike panoramic photos, which stitch photos into a larger image than you’d normally be able to capture, HDR images take the […]