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Intro to High-Speed Sync

One of the most mysterious aspects of flash photography for new flash photographers is sync speed and the related concept of high speed sync.  One of the first places you're likely to encounter this is when you start shopping for […]

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OMG – it’s a new Flickr!

Ok, everyone - don't panic, but Flickr changed again.  If you're used to the old Flickr, this is probably a big annoyance for you, but give it a couple days and see if it doesn't grow on you. Personally, I […]

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Control your lighting for great still lifes

Photography, quite literally, is "painting with light," yet we so often let available light control our photos, rather than the other way around.  This weekend, my Irises bloomed.  First to bloom were the white flowers in the photo above.  I […]

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StepShot review

Last week, I tried sharing my most recent post as a quick how-to example for someone who was trying to accomplish this same effect in Photoshop Elements, and my tutorial was found somewhat lacking.  I've been meaning to take a […]

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