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  • Thursday 3rd September 2015: Agree.com Helps Take the Pain Out of Photography Contracts - lambertpix


    Nothing seems to be a more tedious task than the need to fill out paperwork. Especially if the paperwork has to be sent back and forth between you and a client multiple times. Luckily, Agree.com is a website that aims at making contracts easy to compile and sign for photographers (and videographers, designers, and more). Let’s take a moment to try out the service and is if it delivers on its promise of simplicity.

    At this time, you need an invite code to join Agree but we were able to secure one for testing purposes. Others interested can head over to the site to join the current waiting list. We will be testing the free version of Agree that allows us to create and have up t... read more

  • Saturday 11th July 2015: AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack – Mini Review (Best Photo Bag Ever For The Money) - lambertpix

    NOTE: This story was cross-posted at WeShootFuji.com

    I needed an affordable, reasonably large but reasonably lightweight camera backpack to take with me to Teton National Park. I used the Pelican 1510-004-110 Case with Padded Dividers, Black to get my gear on the plane, but it’s not a viable solution for trekking around a mountain range. So as is my habit, I used one solution to get my gear TO the field, and one solution while I am IN the field.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.18.46 ... <a href=read more

  • Tuesday 16th June 2015: Google Polymer &#8211; How It&#8217;ll Change the Way Web Apps are Built - lambertpix

    Along with Google Photos, Google has also rebuilt Polymer from scratch, addressing performance improvement and efficiency. Think of Polymer as an SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Web, one which makes web application development so much faster using a new standard called Web Components.

    Web Components allow us to create custom elements and tags for our websites. In this post we will look at how the custom elements in Google Polymer can help aid web app development. Plus, we will also look at a few demos on how these custom elements can be put to work.

    About Web Components

    The best way to understand how Web Components works is by looking at the current standar... read more

  • Tuesday 9th June 2015: posing people: tips for improving your portrait photos - lambertpix

    posing people: tips for improving your portrait photos

    Throughout the numerous articles on the Tangents blog, I’m often asked about how I go about posing people. I’ve described some of it in the article, adjusting a pose with incremental changes. Instead of a traditional way of posing, it’s mostly a “feel” thing, looking at my subject and seeing if there are elements that could be better balanced. This studio portrait of a model, Adrienne, doesn’t follow rigid guidelines of formal portraiture. Her shoulder is a little scrunched up, and her head is tilted to the side. Yet, to my eyes, this works. There’s a “looseness&rdq... read more

  • Sunday 7th June 2015: How to Build an Impressive Photography Portfolio from Scratch - lambertpix

    Creating a photography portfolio can be a daunting experience. As a rule, photographers have basic or no knowledge of design at all. Moreover, creating a site with the pictures in focus can be a tricky task.

    Being a photographer makes you a wearer of many hats. It’s critically important to have an online portfolio, so you can easily show your potential clients what you’re capable of. If you have no idea how to start, where to take pictures, how many of them you need for a site, and how to make your portfolio work for you, these tips may help you get started:

    What is a portfolio? How Many Shots Do You Need?

    A portfolio is an opportunity for you to present your work, but it’s important to consider why you need this portfolio. Are you going to use it to apply for a job? Do you want to use it to start your own photography business? Or do you just want to exhibit your work?

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  • Friday 8th May 2015: A White Shopping Bag Can Help Add Soft Off-Camera Lighting to Portraits - lambertpix

    Photographer Michael Zelbel of Good Light Magazine published this short video tutorial on how you can use a simple white shopping bag as a way to add soft off-camera lighting to your portraits.

    Zelbel places a large white shopping bag very close to his model (just out of the frame) and places his flash in the bag with the head pointed straight up at the opening in the top (versus at the model).



    He then uses his hand as a “stand in” to figure out the proper illumination, and checks his histogram to make sure the highlights aren&... read more

  • Saturday 25th April 2015: 5 Photoshop Layer Mask Tricks – Video Tutorial - lambertpix

    Photoshop has many features that can make photo editing both non-destructive and creative. Using Layer masks is one such feature. Masks can also be confusing to understand and they have many ways to apply and use them.

    In this video tutorial Joshua Cripps goes over five layer mask tricks – I even learned a couple things I hadn’t seen before, so thanks for that! See if you can pick up some things you can use for post-processing your images:

    Menu > Image > Apply image = brilliant!

    Try and see for yourself. Do you have any other Photoshop layer masking tips or tricks? Please share with us in the comments below. There are a million ways to do things in Photoshop, no one can know them all so show me something else I haven’t seen!

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  • Wednesday 22nd April 2015: Yongnuo Launches Its 35mm f/2 Lens for Canon EF - lambertpix


    We reported late last year that the Chinese Canon clone-maker Yongnuo was planning to launch a new 35mm f/2 lens for Canon EF cameras. The lens has now arrived.


    Yongnuo says the lens is the first Chinese-made wide-angle autofocus prime lens for Canon DSLRs. Unlike its previous Canon lenses, this latest one isn’t a near identical copy of Canon’s version.

    Canon's 35mm f/2, for comparison

    Canon’s 35mm f/2, for comparison

    It has a minimum focusing distance of 0.8 feet, a 52mm filter thread, autofoc... read more

  • Saturday 18th April 2015: The Best Websites for FREE Adobe Lightroom Presets - lambertpix

    If you’re a Lightroom user, and if you love using presets on your images, then you’re in for a treat! In the links below you will find literally hundreds of free presets you can use in your images.



    Contrastly is an online magazine about photography, technology, visual arts, photography techniques, and other topics that fall in between. In this article, you’ll find 25 various presets that can be used for Lightroom.

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  • Friday 17th April 2015: EllaSnap Helps You Measure and Design Your Walls for Photo Collages - lambertpix


    EllaSnap is a photo canvas and book making service that offers an interesting app for helping you design a photo arrangement for your walls. Instead of spending time and energy measuring your walls yourself, the app lets you easily see what your design would look like on your wall using augmented reality.

    The process involves telling the app your height, showing the app where the wall meets the ground, cropping out the area of the wall you’d like to decorate, and then filling it in with carefully arranged frames containing your photos.

    The app does all the wall calculations for you, and it can make recommendations on what collage designs would look best based on dim... read more