2017 Indianapolis 500

The 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 was a real treat for me.  This wasn’t my first trip to the speedway, but it was my first trip for the event that defines this great venue.  Immediately following the early-morning photo meeting, the pomp and circumstance of the day was absolutely non-stop. By mid-morning, the grid […]

2017 Gingerman Spring Brake

(as published in Victory Lane magazine) Early May in Michigan means trees and tulips blooming, green bursting from the landscape, and completely unpredictable weather. The Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association (VSCDA) has seen everything from sunny skies to snow flurries over the years for its annual Spring Brake Drivers School and Race Weekend at GingerMan […]

2016 VSCDA Grand Prix Au Grattan

(as published in Victory Lane magazine) Just a few miles northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Grattan Raceway Park scribes a winding road course into the Michigan hills. Grattan packs ten turns into a compact two-mile track, and each of them has a unique character to challenge drivers and entertain spectators. On the weekend of August […]

2015 Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge at Road America

In 2014, a brand-new race series visited picturesque Road America for the first time… sort of. The Tudor United Sportscar Championship (TUSC) was formed as an IMSA-affiliated union of the former Rolex and ALMS series in an effort to strengthen sports car racing in North America.  Road America had been a popular stop on the […]

2015 Angie’s List Grand Prix

Two years ago, Indycar decided that since they had every Indycar team around basically camped out in Indy for the month of May, they might be able to go ahead and get another race in on the road course that’s inscribed within the big 2 1/2-mile oval… and thus was born the Angie’s List Grand […]

Seeing isn’t an eyeball thing

Petapixel linked a great article this morning from Marko Solic: Why saying “it’s photoshopped” actually means you don’t know what you’re talking about.  His article really struck a chord with me because I’ve had this conversation with any number of people over the years.  I’d encourage you to read Mako’s article, as it really does a pretty decent […]

Off-camera flash: Introduction to triggers

Q: Are you an “available light photographer?  A: You bet I am — I use every damned light that’s available to me. Next to mastering the exposure triangle, a photographer’s first nervous attempts at using a speedlite can be among the most difficult learning curves they can take on, but a little knowledge of artificial […]

Pixel Mago review, part 2

Back in July, I received a Pixel Mago flash unit for testing.  Part 1 of this review covers my first impressions and initial testing, which were very positive.  Since then, I’ve been using this Pixel unit as my main flash, and my impressions continue to be favorable.   I also took a crack at doing some […]