Each year, a quiet town just west of Columbus, OH, is overrun by scores of ground-pounding hotrods.  The city streets around the Madison County Courthouse are lined with cars and their owners, and they take turns burning out down the street — one right after another.

And it’s fantastic.  The Ohio Cobra Club, formed in 2004, has been putting this event on for a number of years.  I first became aware of the show about three years ago when I noticed a Cobra heading toward a hotel in Hilliard, only to join up with a couple dozen of its closest relatives.  I made it to the show in London for the first time two years ago, and after missing last year, I made a point to get back again this year.

Although most of these cars are replicas (real Cobras hovering around $1m are spending more and more time in climate-controlled garages), that’s part of the charm of this show.  People gather around the more interesting motors, interiors, paint jobs, and so on to swap tales of their builds or customizations.

Outta' here

You can find more photos from this event in this Flickr set.