I’ll bet I took a hundred shots before catching an arrow before it left the frame.  Of course, this was with my Panasonic FZ-28, so I didn’t have the benefit of machine-gun continuous shooting.  I can’t wait to try this again with my 40D.

I did a little bit of post-processing on this image: saturation is bumped a bit, but the biggest edits were to flip the image horizontally and remove some lettering from the back of the shirt.  I actually toyed with flipping the lettering back so it was readable, but in the end, I felt that the lettering just took away from the shot, so I zilched it.  Why the horizontal flip?  This was just a judgement call, but I felt that the left-to-right motion of the flipped photo worked better than the right-to-left of the original.  I’ve got no explanation at all for the Santa hat; that’s 100% as-shot.

I’m torn on the shutter speed in this shot.  While it’s obviously not fast enough to freeze the bow & arrow completely, I think the slight blurring here helps convey the motion of the shot.  What do you think?

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