Motorsport is one of my favorite photography genres.  Although I love virtually all motorsports,  I’m especially drawn to road racing.  Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some wonderful tracks around the Midwest, and I hope to keep expanding that list.  These are a few of my favorites.

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Outa’ here!

Here’s another favorite of mine.  I was lucky enough to get several cracks at this shot at the London Cobra Show, but the idea was always to show the car racing off into the distance — despite the fact that there wasn’t really a lot of distance in front of the car at all.  I was really happy to have this photo featured on 1X – a sign that it appeals to more than just “car guys”, I believe.

[spacer][spacer][hr][spacer] [spacer] The London Cobra Show is also a great place for still shots – you’ll find more like this as you browse some of the portfolio pages below.


Black on Black
[spacer][clear][spacer] Amidst all the on-track action of motorsport, there are often also some fantastic stories unfolding. In 2011, I was sitting in the stands at the world-famous Eldora speedway in Rossburg, OH watching a kid named Kyla Larson rewrite the record books. After Larson picked up a win in the second race of the USAC triple crown, the crowd started to buzz. While waiting for the track to be prepped for the final race of the evening, some kids went down in front of the stands and scratched this message in the dust. It turned out later they were right when Larson swept the third crown, vaulting him into the ranks of NASCAR’s most exciting young racers.
Kyle Larson Rocks

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