I’ve been a racing fan since I was young, so when I rediscovered photography a decade or so ago, racing was immediately a favorite of mine. As an amateur photographer, I enjoyed shooting at road racing tracks, dirt tracks, and drag strips all over the Midwest.  Working year after year, I began to accumulate some work I was happy with, and in 2015, I began working with Victory Lane Magazine to cover vintage racing for them.  Be sure to check out the race reports from these events, too!

Top Shots

The photos you’ll see here are some of my favorites — not just from these vintage events, but from the whole gamut of great events I’ve been lucky enough to attend.


Here’s a sampling of photos that have been selected for publishing.

Still Life

Motorsport is all about action, but the paddock is filled with great scenes that tell the stories of cars, owners, drivers and crew that work tirelessly to make these events great.

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