USAF Dawn Patrol Vintage Cars

IMG_5821_HDRImagine my surprise, having driven to Dayton to see some vintage airplanes, only to find a phenomenal collection of WW I-vintage cars on display, as well.  What a great bonus!

Like any static display, I look for the shapes and patterns that defined these cars, and like other car shows, I’ve tried to do so in a way that makes these photos about the cars more than about the hustle & bustle of the show itself.  Luckily, these old carriages are just packed with spectacularly-intricate details.

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[clear][spacer] [clear] IMG_5901I just loved the materials, workmanship, and detail on these machines.  It seemed as though all the parts we keep hidden away on modern cars are left right out in the open on these cars, and even though all the parts were built to a particular purpose, the craftsmanship that went into building each of them is evident.
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