A bit of housecleaning

I started this site around six years ago, and I’ve evolved a bit as a photographer since then. Motorsports have always been a passion of mine, but in its early days, LambertPix reflected a broader approach to photography as I learned the craft and shared my experiences with readers.

Since those early days, I’ve found my focus (sorry) on Motorsport becoming more clearly-defined through my work with Victory Lane Magazine. In addition to photography, Victory Lane has afforded me the opportunity to work on my writing skills, too. I’m proud to have had a number of race reports published there, and I’m excited to be able to rub shoulders with some really remarkable petrol-heads on the Victory Lane team. They’ve helped me improve my work already in the last couple of years, and I know I’ve got a lot of improving to do yet. But I digress…

Back to LambertPix. In light of my work these days, I’ve made some organizational changes here to more faithfully follow the photography work I’m doing these days. If you’ve read this site in the past, you’ll see a lot of the material I used to blog about has been condensed a bit under the “Blog” menu at the top of this page. Submenus for Gear, Learning and Reviews still let you hone in on articles I’ve written to cover “how-to” stuff for those of you looking to grow as photographers.

Joining the Blog menu are two new menu areas — Race Reports and Portfolio. I’ll dedicate a Race Report post for each event I cover. Some of these will be the submissions I provide to Victory Lane, and in cases where I’m providing only photos to the magazine, I’ll add some thoughts about my personal experiences shooting the races, but in both cases, I’ll share some of my favorite photos from the weekend.

I expect the Portfolio area to continue to evolve, as I do still have a chance to do some fun work with non-wheeled subjects, and I’d like to be able to share some of that, too.

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