How much better?

I read a review of Canon’s 135mm f/2.0 lens last week, and it looks like a spectacular lens.  As you might imagine, it’s a really large chunk of glass, and the sample images in the review look fantastic, but one of the things that struck me was the crazy cost difference between equipment like this […]

On the Wing

On the Wing

A couple weeks ago, I spent a little time at a Columbus metro park called Blendon Woods.  It turned out to be a worthwhile trip.  There’s a large pond there with a pretty dense population of waterfowl, but the best features there are two blinds built right on the water.  These blinds are built to […]

Why shoot RAW?

One of the features found on quite a few high-end P&S cameras, and all DSLR’s (as far as I know) is the ability to output RAW files.  This feature tends to be pretty confusing for new users, but power-users and pros love it.  What are RAW files, and what’s all the confusion about? RAW files […]

HDR from a single image

HDR from a single image

Over the last couple years, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos have become pretty popular among photo processing types.  HDR photos are really nothing more complicated than a combination of images with different exposure settings.  Unlike panoramic photos, which stitch photos into a larger image than you’d normally be able to capture, HDR images take the […]

The Accidental Bee

It’s late winter here in Ohio, and while we’ve already had our first tease of spring, it’s cold and damp out today — a perfect excuse to look back to a photo from the middle of summer last year.  This photo also illustrates the “Get Out of the Car” principle.  I had no idea when […]

Get out of the car!

Photographers say that the best camera is the one you’ve got with you.  What they mean, of course, is that when you see a subject for a photo, you’re out of luck if you don’t have your camera with you.  When the elements don’t prohibit it, then, I try to keep my camera in the […]

Image quality not quite up to par

I’ve noticed some pretty dismal image quality in the last couple galleries / blog posts I uploaded.  I’m not sure yet where the image quality is taking a nose-dive, but I’ve clearly got a little detective work to do, as the quality isn’t nearly what it should be by the time these photos made it […]


I was flipping through some shots from last summer in anticipation of the return of warmer weather here.  I found a few shots that were nice, but not spectacular.  Specifically, I wasn’t really excited about the composition on some of these shots, and I thought I’d try some post-processing to change up the look of […]